Why Should I?

The horse responds to comfort, they respond to peace better than about anything else you could do. All he wants you to do is just leave him alone. So if the horse responds to you and you give him a little peace and comfort that means more to him than anything.

– Buck Brannaman

People forget that animals would be perfectly fine (in most cases happier) without them. So try to make the time they spend with you worth it.

The question they ask is: Why should I? … Have an answer! Because I can be a great companion. or I can give you safety, structure, and guidance.

Some animal owners think they have a right to boss their animals around (for difference reasons or beliefs). Their animals are slaves and “misbehave” because they feel imprisoned and unhappy. Just want to get outta there!

Give your animals a great reason to be with you, just like you would with a human friend.

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