Where’d You Go?

… too far ahead, that’s where.

Walking off-leash with the dogs is break time: sniff stumps, pee here, pee there, run, jump and pant. Then there are those moments when they go too far ahead – just over that invisible boundary we all have (oh, I’d really rather he not go that far ahead). My general rule is that my dogs have to stay within my view when off leash, and come back any time I call (in all situations, ideally).

To keep them thinking about me and where I am, I make up a little game. When they’re heading off too far ahead, I quietly turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Depending on the dogs (your relationship) and how well he or she was paying attention, it may take a few seconds before they realize it (Oh! Where is she going? She’s walking away!!) Then, hopefully, they’ll run to catch up. When we repeat something like this regularly, we get the effect of our dogs constantly checking in and looking back at us to see if we’re still coming along. They also won’t go as far off in the first place, because they want to be close when you walk off – and not have to run very far to catch up.

You’re doing exactly what your dog is doing to you!


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