What We Know

“It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning”

~Claude Bernard

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer

Perhaps you started with horses with a traditional, perhaps a dressage, back ground. Or you grew up treating your dogs rough and tough the way you saw others treat them to “make them submit”. Perhaps it was the exact opposite and you have learned to never say no to anything, to never “correct a behavior” because you think it’s bad.
No matter what our history, another way of doing things could easily appear to be “wrong”. Thinking we know what’s right could be what’s holding us back from learning more, because we are not open to take the good from other methods. The perfect example of this, and my personal idol, is Karen Rohlf. She had a dressage start (and a very impressive one at that), but didn’t let it  prevent her from starting natural horsemanship. She mixed the two (even though they are, at the core, very similar). So what might’ve originally stopped her from learning something new, simply became the doorway to a great education!!

Don’t let what you think you know hold you back from at least trying something new!

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