What They’ve Learned

“The horse isn’t trying to do the wrong thing, He is trying to do what he thinks he is supposed to do. He is doing it, because it is what they, both horse and rider, have been living.”

– Tom Dorrance

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer

This is a great thing to remember, especially if you work with people and their animals as a trainer. It is the human we need to reach and inform. They are only doing what they have been taught to do and have never been led by another example. What the human understands is then carried on to the animal.

The horse (or dog, etc) has only had the experiences with humans that their human has presented to them. So they might think humans are the worst thing in the world. They might be unresponsive, or over-reactive or even aggressive. But all of that comes from the human simply not knowing any better.

Any frustration or anger towards this pair – human and animal – will not help them. All you can do is lead by example and politely teach them what you have learned to be a better way.

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