Yesterday I flew the roughly 27 hours from Tasmania, Australia, back home in Frankfurt, Germany. Phew! Definitely not wanting to sit in or see an airplane for a good while. On the plane, I used the endless hours of sitting to watch some cool movies. One especially. Within two minutes of it starting, I thought to myself, I need to write a post about this movie. Within another 10 minutes, I thought… okay, I really need to write a post about it!!

The movie is called

Tracks and it absolutely took my breath away. It is so rare to find a movie that resonates in such an authentic way with me. Watching it, I felt nostalgic for things I’ve never known, as weird as that sounds. It takes place in Australia (funny that I just came from there!) and tells the story of a woman who relates more with animals than people. She decides she wants to catch three wild camels and train them to carry her supplies as she and her dog walk from one end of an Australian desert to the other – over 2,000 miles…

No one thinks she can make it – the heat, the wild camels, and the lack of people she would encounter made the trip seem impossible. Her determination was inspiring and I could really relate to her passion and persistence in not giving up on her dream. All of the flashbacks they showed to her childhood with her old dog reminded me very much of my own childhood with my aging Golden Retriever and her training style was similar to mine.

Somehow, on many levels, this movie touched me and I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I did. Here’s the trailer if you’re interested.

After being apart from my 3-dog pack for two months, it has never felt better to be with them. All of the leaves have fallen from the trees here in Germany and the air is crisp and cold. Even though we hadn’t gone on a walk together for so long, I didn’t have to correct my dogs for anything – not even once. All of them walked on an entirely loose, hanging leash (behind me or slightly behind my leg) and were perfect off leash. That proved to me that if we teach our dogs communication vs. tricks (“Heel” etc), it will just be a state of being together.

I am very excited for all that is to come now that I’m back and can’t wait to share with you all that I have planned.

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