The Big Moments

I’ve been thinking about this so much lately: the moments where something big happens (a drastic change, a huge success) seem to just come as if it was the most natural thing in the world. There were all of these steps that lead up to it. Once we come to that moment where something big happens, it often feels like not as big of a deal or not as challenging as I thought it would, or should, be.

Three big examples for me are: moving from California to Germany after graduating high school, learning an advanced trick with my dog (or other animal) and starting a horse (under saddle for the first time).

I can best describe what I mean by using horses as an example. I’ve started multiple wild mustangs in California: you get this wild, beautiful, free animal and think, “I’m gonna ride that? Really?” And give yourself a couple of months and the two of you have built that relationship, moved passed major milestones in your foundation and communication and bam. Suddenly, sitting on this wild animal’s back doesn’t seem as big of a deal somehow – to you or the horse. That’s how it is, I’ve found, if we do it right, on our part, as the humans in this equation. It’s up to us to make that transition “just another thing we do with our horse”. The trust is there, the understanding, the communication – everything. The horse says, “Okay, I trust you, and now I trust you on my back.” If that trust and great foundation (relationship) isn’t there – you get horses who buck and run and act scared (because they have a right to) when someone gets on.

Below is the first ride I put on one of the mustangs I started in California. He had never had someone on his back before this, and was as calm as could be. I’m very proud of him for giving me the trust to get into his space like that. Another mustang I started let me get on her for the first time while she was grazing and she just continued to graze – it was no problem for her at that point. It tests your relationship and, just like liberty, it reveals the truth about your relationship.

Same with when I teach a dog a trick: you work on all of these little parts and it suddenly all comes together and you have your dog weaving backwards through your legs! It just clicks and happens once all the pieces are in place!

So I’ve been musing about how amazing it is to feel something like that and how simple it really is when the time and care is put in… people are so amazed with the results and you say, “yeah it’s pretty great, huh!” And it is, but you somehow lost the thrill of the goal because you were so wrapped up in the process and that’s what I really love.

Anyway, just something to think about 🙂

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