Sina: The Newest Member of the Pack

I’m in love!

In love with a little German Shepherd pup who joined my family on Saturday. She came from a great animal rescue and is now under my training to become a guide dog for the blind. My last German Shepherd, Kessi, had to be sold. She still had too many traumas from her breeder where they more than likely used electric collars and so on to try to make her aggressive. It only made her scared – and that doesn’t make a good guide dog. Unfortunately… I’m happy for her though, because we managed to find her a good home!

This new little Shepherd girl is named Sina. She’s getting over a cold, but I am so impressed with her. She is as calm and polite as can be, and has the best social manners I’ve ever seen in a shepherd – especially one so young. This is mostly thanks to the animal rescue I got her from. The lady that handles the dogs there is a friend of my trainer/teacher. She has great dog skills and allows all of the dogs to live in a pack environment.

Aggressive dogs get a muzzle until they learn to be with others. In the end, the whole pack was calm and happy. I loved it! What a completely different experience than walking down a dark hall lined with dog kennels – barking, unhappy dogs in each. This place, in Bad König, Germany, really inspired me. The only down side is that most of the dogs had a cold or cough. They weren’t used to sleeping outdoors when it gets so freezing at night. A cold is almost unavoidable.

In any case, it definitely did great things for Sina. I’ll try to make some sort of assessment by the end of this week whether she’ll make a good guide dog or not.

Here she is!

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