Raw Wonder Diet!

I switched Mowgli from dry food to a raw meat and veggie-based diet and have noticed only the best positive changes!

He is a McNab and they are bred to herd cattle over dry, hot, dusty terrain so his coat by nature is a bit more rough. Now I can’t stop petting him because his fur feels like a soft rabbit coat! It is unbelievably shiny (it looks like I polish his coat constantly or something), amazingly soft, his body generally takes in so many more vitamins and fibers from his diet that he ends up not pooping as much and when he does it is about a fourth of the amount… yucky but awesome! Being the athlete and performer that he is, this diet of meat, meat bones and veggies has improved that aspect as well – energy and muscle.

So I wanted to share this with you. I’ve always wanted to feed him raw but thought that it would be way too expensive. I had no way of knowing it could be cheap (perhaps even more so than dry food!) because all of my research told me it would be a fortune. When I moved to Germany I found a source where I can buy great meat in packages that I can freeze until I need them (I buy the Lunge-Mix). I’m not trying to advertise and am definitely not getting paid to share this link, but want others to find this awesome source! I also found a butcher where I can get a little over 2 kilo of meat bones for 4 euros. Jackpot!

Here’s what I’ve been feeding him:


– around 300g of fresh meat mixed with carrot (and/or apple) and pre-ground flax seeds (also very cheap if you buy it from the right place).

Mowgli’s breakfast!


– 2 to 3 meat bones depending on how much he worked that day (they’re also fairly small)

– Or a kong filled with wet food if I forgot to put the bones out to thaw that morning … 😛


I really recommend looking into some cheap ways to get your dogs diet even a bit “more raw”. Add some meat bones here and there in exchange for a bit less dry food plus a carrot or apple? My dog is also a small medium-sized dog, so this is a good amount of food for him. Of course I suggest feeding a bit more meat to a larger dog. Good luck!

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