Rabbits or Smart phones?

When I was little, I had a lot of different animals. One of them was a rabbit (which turned into like 16 rabbits after my friend’s bunny visited…). It was something I had to care for: we had bunny-kid adventures, and it was awesome.

That’s not enough for kids right now – they need something fast. A game or a show or something that gives them that “good feeling”, that “reward”, very fast and with little work on their part. They’re not learning how to care for something at a young age. If they get a pet, it’s usually a cat or a dog. Something most kids have to work up to. So the parents end up taking care of the animal and the child doesn’t learn anything from it (oh wait, they learn to put their responsibilities on others when they grow tired of them).

I read an article about this. It was easter-themed and bunny-themed and all about the decline of the house rabbits and the rise of the smart phones. Which may sound really dramatic, but the core message made me so sad. Maybe not every child needs (or can afford) to have a rabbit or other animal, but why are we replacing their free time with phones that turn their brains off? When I was nine, my neighbor and I walked up the hill to collect some eggs from my chickens. He looked at me standing amongst them with eggs in my hand and asked, “Eggs come from chickens???” Surprise! He was about seven…

What will happen if our world’s children only know how to interact with phones and computers?

Photo by Ivan Poljak

Photo by Ivan Poljak

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