Improving yourself & problem solving

There are hundreds, thousands, of seminars you can attend, DVDs and shows to watch, books to read and trainers to hire to reach your dream with animals.

But what are some ways you can improve yourself or problem solve without leaving your backyard? 

Here are two tips for you to do by yourself or with a friend:

  • Film yourself!Anyone who has been filmed has most likely thought to themselves, “I look and move like that??” Often we are, in our minds, moving and reacting to our animals the way we saw a trainer “that one time on that show” do it. We wonder why we aren’t getting the same results. Somewhere between knowing what to do and acting it out, we get lost. If you are too shy to to be filmed, set your camera on something and film yourself. Do whatever it takes to get the problematic situation on film. Many times we notice that we are moving in a certain way… and that our timing is completely off! I have moments where I watch video footage of myself and immediately see mistakes that I didn’t even know I was making. Sometimes we can teach ourselves and not spend a dime.


  • Practice with a friend.Have your friend pretend to be your dog, horse, cat or whatever animal you are dealing with. What is also helpful – switch roles! Not only should you practice what you should do as a human but see what it is like to “be” your dog or horse! You might think that your signals are being understood completely differently than they are. Really act out your problem and give each other feedback. Have your friend pull on the leash and not quit until you do something that causes them to stop and walk next to you, for example. There are many options and it can be so fun!


When have you done one of these things and what did you discover? Tell me all about it by leaving a comment!

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