“I brought some wine!”

What do you bring to your animal’s “home”? Their space?

The key to training and being with animals is bringing something of worth and substance. Just as you might bring some wine, dessert, or perhaps a wonderful salad to a friend’s house – you don’t want to arrive empty-handed at your animal’s door.

Of course I am heavily anthropomorphizing here. What we bring to our animals doesn’t have to be something physical. Treats and toys… these are placed second to harmony, leadership and PLAY! Bringing something of worth could be a meaningful, heart-felt hug. It could be showing your animal you are a good leader and that they can trust you in any situation.

People think they can win over their animals with treats, but let me tell you: there is never just one road to take. If you’re basing everything, especially your relationship, off treats – you’re pulling a lottery ticket. It might all be going great, until your horse spooks, or your dog sees a rabbit. Suddenly, your treats aren’t worth a thing and are the last thing on their mind! That’s where you needed leadership to balance it out.

Would you want to base a human relationship off treats (money)? It’s an interesting comparison. You might hang around for the money, or whatever it may be, but deep down you might have absolutely no respect for that person and actually not want to be with them. So, one day when the right opportunity reveals itself, you’d just take it and leave!

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