Humanima’s Booklist: Prodigal Summer

Prodigal Summer is a great snatch .

I started it a while back: picking it up, forgetting about it, repeat… Then, about two months ago, I picked it up and finally got addicted. There are three different stories being weaved together in this book, and the whole theme seemed to be discussions. Those vital questions in life are being discussed and strongly debated in a small town and up in a mountain in Tennessee.

One woman lives alone in the mountains. She has her log cabin and hasn’t seen anyone (except for the man who delivers food) for two years. She is “one” with everything around her. Until she meets someone who is for, yet also against, everything she believes in and she attempts to persuade him.

Another woman is newly widowed and learning to deal with having the farm alone and denying her neighbor’s suggestions of pesticides, etc. I loved reading all of her great comebacks and how well her life with animals worked compared to the others.

The third story is between a sweet old woman and a grouchy (but still sort of sweet) old man – neighbors. This one was very interesting. Ms. Rawley, the old lady, tried to convince this old, very christian man of evolution: how nature works, and why she takes care of it the way she does – giving him reasons to do the same.

That’s as much as I’ll say without giving anything away, but I really recommend it. It’s one of those books where you  could say there was a “good guy” and “bad guy” but at the end I’m not sure who was which, because you grow to be sympathetic with them all. Truly well written – these characters are people we all know.

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