Getting Creative

Why buy something?

There’s so much to buy for our animals – horse jumps, barrels, cavalettis, leashes, dog agility set-ups…

Instead of buying cavalettis, use some long branches! You can use anything you find around you. When I was younger, I made an amazing obstacle course for my dog, Mowgli. I filmed it all and got inspired re-watching it the other day. Just a small agility course: branches, a box, a toy tractor (for him to jump up and sit on of course), some plant pots to have him weave through and various other things I had laying around the house. It was so much fun! Didn’t cost a dime, I had the excitement of creating it, and everything I was asking my dog to do was original (and fairly challenging, I’ll admit!).

For example, I would send him (from very far away) to jump in the box and stay there. Then, I would set up the branches on pots so that they were sticking out in a circle (like a star) and had him jump over them (in that circular manner) while I was standing on a pot farther away! Phew!

For horses, you’d be amazed what you can do with just a branch. Or a puddle. Or a pile of poo in the pasture. Or a clump of grass. Or a line you drew with your foot in an arena. Or a leaf! Or a gate. Or, or, or. What can you ask your horse to do? Go sideways over it? Back up to it? Touch it with their nose? Put one foot on it (front and back)? Move it? And… is this on the ground or while riding? That can change things up quite a bit at times.

Just some ideas! Let your mind wander and explore!

What could you possible do with something around you?

Be resourceful. And the more imaginative and interesting you are… the more captivated and amazed your animal will be with you…

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