Doggone Tired

“That’s my credo – My work is play. I don’t complain about work. I enjoy it. I like the feeling of being able to lay down at night and you’re so doggone tired, you’re just hoping to get undressed before you fall asleep.”

– Buck Brannaman

It’s pretty perfect that I came across this quote today.

My “work day” started at 6 am and I drove back from training at 7 pm. It doesn’t stop there –  I’m on the job overnight and at any hour of the day. When my animals are sick, I’m sometimes up all night. But I can’t call it work, because it’s what I would want to do in my free time anyway. Working with animals is what my life orbits around and even though it can get stressy at times (like any job), I still have a smile on my face or a warm feeling in my heart. I love what I do.

I could be 105 years old and still run around with my dogs and ride my horses! It keeps me fit, happy — me. On my way back home today, through the rain at 7 pm (already dark), I pondered how important it is to find that thing that makes you tick and follow it. There’s so much I learn about people too, through working with animals.

Just today, I got 5 new “horse clients” (people wanting me to ride their horses) and each and every one of them were wonderful – horse and human. Our interest in animals and going about with them naturally brought us together. Now, it’s the end of the day… and I’m doggone tired. And happy!

For a laugh before you go to bed (or when you wake up – depending what side of the globe you’re reading from), check out this video!

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