At The Sight Of Snow

On my drive back from Berlin, I was greeted with inches of snow covering the landscape – causing the trees to hang under its weight.

I was as excited as a 6 year old and couldn’t help but pull over into a gas station parking lot. One by one, I let the dogs out to stretch and do their business, just to find they were as enchanted by the snow as I was! I had my camera ready and rolling and made the video, below, to share with you. I’m not sure if the poodle has seen snow before, but I know my dog, Mowgli, hasn’t, and I don’t think my german shepherd has, either.

It was interesting (hilarious) to watch their reactions and how it perfectly displayed their “doginalities”.

Shadow, my poodle, raced as fast as possible over the snow. No thinking, no wondering or sniffing… simply: “YIPPEEEEE!” With his ears flapping and flying behind him. He is definitely the lovable clown in our pack.

Sina, the german shepherd, was cautious, perhaps suspicious, as she slowly sniffed the snow and tip-toed around. Then, all of a sudden… PLAY POSE! She absolutely loves to play, but also always loves to lay around, relax – a playful introvert. So, as with all new things, she observes and then has a lot of fun playing.

Mowgli, is the nerd. At first he almost acted as if there was no snow there. As if it was a normal day. Of course he looked at it and sniffed it, but only for a few seconds. Then he looked up at me, wagging his tail, asking, “What’s next?” Then I told him to, “Get the snow” and he started eating the snow. I’m not sure how he understood that, but he must have assumed that the snow was the only thing he could “get.”


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