A Creative Balance

One of the keys to really being able to start something with animals is being selective with advice and knowledge and then getting creative with it. I try not to roll my eyes when someone says, “I use positive reinforcement” or “I use negative reinforcement” or, or or… Just using one is not effective and I’ll tell you why: balance is the only thing that makes just about anything work. Mother nature proves that to us. Animals (including us) are never JUST positve or JUST negative with one another. Neither is nature amongst itself: it can be beautiful, positive, fertile, giving but also harsh in ways unimaginable.

Fit the situation!
If someone tells you something (including me of course), say, “Oh, okay, thanks for sharing” and then take it or leave it. Because one method will work like a magic trick with one animal, but leave another animal looking at you like you are an alien.

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